Chef Gene's Freezer

2090 Larkin Avenue Unit 3     

Elgin, Illinois 60123

Phone: (847) 695-3663

Items available from Chef Gene's freezer
For you to thaw, heat and enjoy:

 Our delicious   *BBQ Pulled Pork       2 lb container          $13.99

               *Wild Game Chili     2lb container     $11.99 (out of stock)

*Demi Glace  32oz container $15.99

(you know that yummy brown sauce that restaurants serve with their meat, that flavor in your beef soup,

that flavor you cannot duplicate at home....this is it....delicious!)

Chef Gene's Homemade soups:   $7.99 Quart
Sometimes we sell out before we can update this list. If you are counting on a particular soup...
please call to check availability/quantity

*Butternut Squash

*Carrot Bisque

*Cream of Asparagus

*Cream of Spinach

​*Cream of Vidalia Onion

​*German Green Bean

*Roasted Red Pepper

*Split Pea with Ham

*Tuscan Bean with Sausage

 Pantry Items:
       Chef Gene's Smokey BBQ Sauce is now available 16 oz jar                                  $5.99
       Chef Gene's Custom Blend Seasoning/Meat Rub                                                 $5.99
            (Seasoning Refill with original jar)                                                                    $4.99