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 Pantry Items:

       Chef Gene's Smokey BBQ Sauce is now available 16 oz jar (temporarily unavailable)   $5.99
       Chef Gene's Custom Blend Seasoning/Meat Rub                                                 $5.99
            (Seasoning Refill with original jar)                                                                    $4.99


​​Chef Gene's Freezer
2090 Larkin Avenue Unit 3     

Elgin, Illinois 60123

Phone: (847) 695-3663

Items available from Chef Gene's freezer
For you to thaw, heat and enjoy:

 Our delicious   *BBQ Pulled Pork       2 lb. container     $15.99

               Chef Gene's Homemade soups:   $8.99 Quart

or by special price as noted below
Sometimes we sell out before we can update this list. If you are counting on a particular soup...
please call to check availability/quantity

*Beef Vegetable

*Beanie Weenie(all beef franks)



*Chicken Gumbo

*Cod Chowder

*Corn Chowder

​​*Cream of Asparagus

*Cream of Broccoli

*Cream of Broccoli Cheddar

*Cream of Potato

*Cream of Spinach

​*Cream of Vidalia Onion

*Cream of Wild Mushroom

​​*Manhattan Clam Chowder (the red one)

*New England Clam Chowder (the white one)

​​*Roasted Red Pepper

*Seafood Gumbo

*Shrimp Bisque

*Stuffed Green Pepper

​​​​​*Tomato Basil

*Tuscan Bean and Sausage